Introducing… Project TGM

Four years ago, I started blogging. As an aspiring author/editor, I thought a blog would be a great way to work out some kinks in my writing ability (an ongoing process) while also allowing some distant friends and family into my life on a more regular basis. My first post ever was entitled “The Doctor is in.”  It was my first real attempt at talking about Jesus in a way that people might understand how much I love him.

Fast-forward four years, and I’ve had the privilege of gaining an albeit small audience, meeting great people, and growing as a writer. Through my blog and social media, I was afforded the opportunity to do work with SBC Voices, PLNTD, and now the learning under leadership/planting Yoda, Rick White and CityView Church. In addition, I was able to obtain a great job at Criswell College. I’ve learned my lessons, taken my lumps, and been invested in and guided by some fantastic men of God.

Why Does This Matter?

I’ve run across many things in the blogging world, mostly pleasant but often disappointing. Out of this disappointment and desire for blogging to be taken captive for Christ, Project TGM was born. I was tired of blogs lobbing grenades at one another, dividing God’s people even more than we already are.

The aim of Project TGM is to add to and complement the already stellar resources on the Internet regarding theology, gospel, and mission. In a sense, this goal is our “project” – something that will be ongoing. Culture continues to hang in the balance as Christians fight for our faith, and the Internet has been a haven for some to both defend and attack Christ. Here at Project TGM, we will fight tooth and nail for the good of the gospel and for the fame of Jesus Christ.

There is a lot of noise on the Internet today, and we don’t intend to amplify it; we intend to speak beyond it, offering resources that will encourage you as you enter the mission field of life in whatever context God has placed you in. Moreover, we pray that God will use this site to bring prodigals home and draw the lost to himself.

Our Team

You can read bios and see content from our team at the Contributors page. In addition, we will feature guest posts from talented writers that you likely have and have not heard about before. Helpful content will be the criteria.

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Seth McBee – @sdmcbee

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Thank you so much for visiting Project TGM. Join us as we seek to advance God’s Kingdom, one post at a time!