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The Dangers of Online Christianity

by Chris Crane.

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The Pornified Mind and the Glory of God

It was not the mere beauty of Eve’s body that brought Adam such joy, but the image-reflection of his Creator standing in full glorious reality in front of him. It was not only a sexual reaction, but a spiritual one.

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Avoiding the Pain of Boston

by Tim Briggs.

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Race and the Gospel

Jesus died in order to kill the hostility between Jew and Gentile. In Galatians 3, he says there is no longer “Jew or Greek.” The cross is where all racial hostilities cease.

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Kermit Gosnell and the Culture of Death

It’s easy to promote abortion when you weren’t the one aborted; it’s righteous to defend the unborn precisely because you weren’t the one aborted.

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The Shadow of Secularization and the New Dawn of the Church

The sky is falling. Secularization is on the rise, or so it seems.

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Evangelicals and the Changing Political Landscape

Senator Rob Portman recently announced the reversal of his position on gay marriage. While this is not necessarily surprising in our current cultural climate, what makes it particularly newsworthy is that Portman is not just a GOP Senator, but one who was vetted to be the running mate for Mitt Romney in the most recent [...]

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God in the Midst of Restricted International Adoptions

Adoption is a beautiful picture of the gospel of Jesus Christ, demonstrating that God the Father desired to bring us into His family to experience His blessings.

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What Happens at an Atheist Church?

by David Norman.

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The Dark Knight Rises (Or, the Return of Rob Bell)

Rob Bell is back.

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Close Encounters of the Unknowing Kind

by Trillia Newbell.

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The 50/50 Divorce Rate and the Christian Example

In a confused culture, there are two very basic ways that we Christians can play our part in an attempt to improve divorce statistics and to present a commendable view of marriage.

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Is the Bible Anti-Wealth? No!

God is using David Platt to help change the priorities of a whole generation of believers. That is truly remarkable. I registered one concern with the book: that we not think that the Bible is anti-wealth.

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Leading Ladies Everywhere

Riding trains and beating drums of passing movements is not as helpful as simply adoring Christ and preaching the simplicity of the gospel in every area of our lives.

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Is Forgiveness a Viable Option for the Justice System?

Is restorative justice a viable option in the American justice system? Should a Christian ethic of grace and forgiveness change the way in which we apply justice?

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Should Christians Be Concerned About the Environment?

by Jonathan Merritt.

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Why I’m Not Reading in 2013

by Josh King.

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Be Strong and Courageous (and Not a Boy-Man)

The boy-man is selfish, young, immature, addicted to games, immune to responsibility, foul-mouthed, and weak.

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I’ll be honest. I’ve known for a while that sex trafficking exists, and that it is becoming a growing problem. However, when I read this article at Forbes, it took my breath away, hacked me off, and made me want to cry all at the same time.

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Jovan Belcher, Bob Costas, and Jesus

Jovan Belcher didn’t need a law telling him not to own a gun; he needed to see that God was and is the only solution to whatever deep anguish he was experiencing.

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